By Ivie Woodharbor

It was a cool afternoon on January 14, in the year of Our Lord 2017.  Thousands of individuals had gathered to march for the protection of the unborn children in Dallas, Texas.  Several members from Troops of Saint George Troop 31, Troop 5  and Troop 1 stood among the marchers for the North Texas March for Life.  The cadets and the whole of the pro-life group marched from the Dallas City Hall to the parking lot in front of Earle Cabell Federal Courthouse.  There the prolife speakers rallied and spoke up for the unborn’s protection in the womb.  The Troops of Saint George led the returning march back to the Dallas City Hall to finish off the march.

Please join these TSG cadets and many others like them next year in 2018 to speak up for the unborn children who have no voice.

Photography by Sissel Anderson

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