The following are the answers to common questions about the Troops of Saint George:

Yes. All of our boys and all of our adult leaders are Catholics in good standing with full fidelity to the Catholic magisterium, the Holy Father, and the local bishop.
No, we are not. The Troops of Saint George is a Catholic outdoors movement for fathers and sons. Our mission, goals, and standards are entirely different from other scouting organizations.
Boys ages 6-18 can join a Troop of Saint George. Boys ages 6-10 are in the junior section of the local Troop. Young men ages 11-18 are in the senior section of the local Troop.
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If there is not already a troop in your town or city, you can start a troop. Here's what you'll need:
  1. A Catholic priest to sponsor your troop and write letters of reference for your Captain.
  2. A honorable Catholic man who is willing to serve as "Captain" (chief adult leader) for the troop.
  3. At least 6 boys.
  4. A completed application.

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Yes. While there are some insurance limitations, the Troops of Saint George is a global movement!
We are chiefly an outdoors movement and we don’t have meetings for meetings’ sake. Generally, the local Troops meets at least once or twice per month to plan that month’s campout.
A boy will need a Rosary, tent, sleeping bag, mess kit, flashlight, and pocketknife.
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A fully chartered troop is a troop that has the following in place:

- Charter Agreement
- Captain and Lieutenants ID Document
- Captain's Letter of Reference from a Catholic Priest in Good Standing
- Captain's Diocesan Safe Conduct Certificate
- Payment of all National dues
The youth cadets are divided in the Junior and Senior cadets. The Junior cadets, grades 1 - 5, are divided into the St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke, St. John and St. George patrols by grade. The senior cadets, grades 6 - 12, are divided into patrols of mixed ages and named after a Catholic blessed or saint.
The youth cadets will complete a series of spiritual, patriotic and manly skill requirements by grade level to advance within the troop. The Senior Cadets can complete Achievement Courses to gain AC Stars and become eligible for the highest honor within TSG, the Tribunes of Saint George for our Supreme Pontiff.
General Liability insurance is provided for Individual chartered troops in the United States including coverage for campouts and meetings. In most countries (see National Organization for exclusions), TSG also insures each officially chartered troop and its clergy, Officers and members with an Accident Insurance policy. After the individual leverages their personal health insurance policy, this supplemental coverage adds an additional $25,000 USD, per occurrence, in protection. The policy covers TSG clergy, Officers and members from the time they depart for a TSG sanctioned event until the time they return home.

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