KELLER, Texas (May 17, 2018) — Thousands of young men and their fathers across the country found their prayers answered yesterday when Most Rev. Michael F. Olson, bishop of the Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas, officially endorsed the Troops of St. George as a Catholic apostolate.

“After a careful review of the program and its contents, including its mission statement, curriculum, pedagogical structure, letters of Ecclesiastical approval, and statement of mission that faithfully reflects and adheres to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, the Troops of Saint George is hereby approved as a Catholic Apostolate of the Diocese of Fort Worth,” the bishop wrote in a letter, dated May 16, 2018.

National Executive Director Dr. Jeremy Lustig thanked Bishop Olson for approving the apostolate and for his enthusiasm for the Troops’ work. “Bishop Olson has been enthusiastic about our work from the beginning, so we’re thrilled to have his official approval of our ministry.”

Brian Squibbs, National Director of Communications and Recruitment, said the Troops of St. George is needed in our day now more than ever.

“With the growing amount of gender confusion in our world today, the Troops of St. George offers Catholic boys and their dads a deep, fully Catholic experience in the outdoors with sacraments, adventure, and authentic masculinity.”

To read Bishop Olson’s letter, click here.

About Troops of St. George
The Troops of Saint George (TSG) is a fraternal Catholic nonprofit apostolate for priests, men, and young men looking for a life of adventure coupled with virtue. Initially founded in 2013 by Catholic author and professor Dr. Taylor Marshall, the Keller, Texas-based apostolate has grown to over 1,300 members in 41 fully chartered troops.

Troops regularly experience reverent and beautiful Masses on mountaintop vistas; pray the Rosary with other men around fire pits in the freezing cold; catch a Fish Friday meal by fly fishing for trout; go to confession with priests while kneeling on moss in the woods; teach our sons archery, rock climbing, marksmanship, fishing, survival skills…and Catholic virtues; foster a love for the priesthood and a reverence for the sacrament of Matrimony; and support our local parishes, our priests, our bishops, and community by being available for works of mercy and service.

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