Troop 31 News:  two brothers, Sean and Liam O’Flaherty,  are one month away from reaching the Tribune rank in the Troops of Saint George.  As two of the founding members of Troop 31 Sean and Liam have been working through the ranks since 2013.   Thru tenacity and hard work, they have completed all 8 of the core Achievements, and 8 other achievements.  Their final Tribune Projects were started this year by both Sean and Liam, and they just finished each of their projects.

Sean’s Tribune Project was the demolition of a water fountain perched on the side wall in the lobby of Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Church in Lewisville, Texas.  With his knowledge of tools and woodworking, Sean was able to take out the water fountain, and then sand and stain a thin board to cover the area where the water fountain hung.  Once covered by the stained piece of wood, an artful cross in a frame was attached to the front.  Then the Lighthouse CD shelf was attached to the wall above the board.  This project was requested by the parish priest Fr. Assaad El Basha at Our Lady of Lebanon Church.

Liam’s Tribune Project was the construction of a little shrine for the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary outside the chapel at Our Lady of Maronite Church in Lewisville, Texas.  Liam used his knowledge and mastery of woodworking tools to build a cedar shrine to protect and emphasize The Blessed Virgin Mary.  Once completed offsite, it was transported to the Church and installed in Mary’s garden.  He added mulch and solar lighting to finish off this project.  This project was approved by Fr. Assaad El Basha at Our Lady of Lebanon Church.

Sean and Liam hope to earn their Tribune Rank at Troop 31’s Family camp out in September after enduring the final ordeal.

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