This past May saw two junior cadets, three senior cadets, and two dads earn the Saint George Dragon Slayer rank for the Troops of Saint George Troop 31.   The Dragon Slayer rank is earned when a cadet reaches the age of 11 and or when a son enters the Troops of Saint George as a senior cadet and achieves all of the Dragon Slayer requirements.   The boys spent the past 10-12 months working on the requirements for this rank by learning and achieving the following: TSG Basics, Spiritual, Physical, Patriotic, Manly Skills and finally a pilgrimage.  This rank is also open and encouraged for fathers to attain with their sons or on their own.  Both dads this year worked with their sons on helping achieve all the requirements for the Dragon Slayer .  This is the first time that dads have earned the rank patch for TSG Troop 31.  Overall now Troop 31 has 12 that have achieved the Saint George Dragon Slayer rank, with more working on it this year. 

As to the pilgrimages, and a couple of pictures below, some of the boys went to the Basilica in Saint Paul, Minnesota National Shrine, while others went to the life size Stations of the Cross in Groom, Texas.

Pictured in the Dragon Slayer group photo are: Mike Robbins on the left , then sons  Luke, Anthony and Matthew Robbins.  Willem Anderson in the middle, Liam O’Flaherty towards the right and then captain Tim O’Flaherty. 

Saint George, pray for us!


SONY DSCbasilica-in-st-paul-mn

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