By Liam O’Flaherty
This Summer, TSG Troop 31 went on a sailing adventure out on Grapevine Lake.   The first shift of cadets arrived at the docks by 9am and waited for the arrival of Capt. Glenn.  Some tossed around a football while others jumped into the cool water.  Soon Capt. Glenn arrived and everyone boarded the Hakuna Matata at 10am  sharp.  Once the boat was underway out from the docks, Capt. Glenn started going over some of the sailing terms as they started their one hour tour.  Out on the open water, Capt. Glenn taught the crew how to tack with the jib sail, sending the Hakuna Matata sailing across the lake to the dam in the distance.  Once near the dam, Capt. Glenn turned the boat around and headed back across the lake, letting each of the crew members take the helm and try to steer the boat straight.
Later at the dock the next shift of TSG cadets were standing by ready to go out.  Capt. Glenn sailed out on three diff. tours with three diff. TSG cadet crews showing them the ropes and making it a great day for one and all.
A big thanks to Capt. Glenn and his wife for the time they spent teaching the sailing ropes to all of the TSG Troop 31 cadets.

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