(JUNE 15, 2019)

By Brian Squibbs

KELLER, Texas – The Troops of Saint George (TSG) add another weapon in the battle for the family and human life through a new Senior Cadet Achievement Course.

“After my wife and I discussed what we had just witnessed in Unplanned, we knew there was more we can do in support of life through the apostolate”, shares Brian Squibbs, Director of Communications and Recruitment. “We shared our idea of an Achievement Course centering around our respect for life from conception to natural death with the National Team and got to work.”

This new Achievement Course, aptly titled, Life and Dignity of the Human Person, is blessed with Saint Teresa of Calcutta as the patron Saint. “Saint Teresa is a guiding light and model on how we show Christ to all human persons, from conception to natural death, to the impoverished, to the differently-abled, and everyone in between”, he said. The Achievement Course’s objective is for the Senior Cadet and his father to mobilize their local community in support of the culture of life through prayer and community outreach.

In carrying out the mission of the Troops of Saint George, the members utilize the TSG curriculum in support of life through nursing home visits, prayer vigils at abortion mills, rosary life chains, and life walks to name a few.

National Executive Director Dr. Jeremy Lustig said the new Achievement Course continues our mission of growth in virtue.

“When looking simply at the Virtue of Charity and our need as men to step up to defend our Catholic Faith and families, this was a natural next step as we look to grow our Achievement Course offering,” he said.

As shared in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Charity is the Theological Virtue by which we love God above all things for his own sake, and our neighbors as ourselves for the love of God.

“In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.” – Saint Teresa of Calcutta

As seen here, artwork utilized in this new Achievement Course by Frederick H. Carlson of F Carlson Illustration & Design.

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The Troops of Saint George (TSG) is a fraternal Catholic nonprofit apostolate for priests, men, and young men looking for a life of adventure coupled with virtue. Initially founded in 2013 by Catholic author and professor Dr. Taylor Marshall, the Keller, Texas-based apostolate has grown to over 1,300 members in 41 fully chartered troops.
Troops regularly experience reverent and beautiful Masses on mountaintop vistas; pray the Rosary with other men around fire pits in the freezing cold; catch a Fish Friday meal by fly fishing for trout; go to confession with priests while kneeling on moss in the woods; teach our sons archery, rock climbing, marksmanship, fishing, survival skills, and Catholic virtues; foster a love for the priesthood and a reverence for the sacrament of Matrimony; and support our local parishes, our priests, our bishops, and community by being available for works of mercy and service.

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