KELLER, Texas (June 18, 2018) — Cardinal Raymond Burke, a member of the Roman Curia who serves on the highest court at the Vatican, the Apostolic Signatura, has lavished praise on the Troops of Saint George.

“For some time, I have been happily following the development of the Troops of Saint George as an authentic Catholic apostolate of scouting,” he wrote in a just-released letter dated May 25. “My heartfelt congratulations on the recent recognition of the Troops of Saint George as a Catholic Apostolate of the Diocese of Fort Worth.”

Cardinal Burke, one of the world’s most recognized and admired prelates, is also the patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, based in Rome. He is the former archbishop of St. Louis, Mo., and former bishop of La Crosse, Wis.

“The Troops of Saint George, in an excellent way, assists Catholic boys and young men to develop a sound appreciation of nature, in accord with the Law with which God has created all things,” he wrote.

“In a particular way,” he continued, “the Troops of Saint George safeguard and foster the irreplaceable relationship between fathers and sons as a fundamental experience of the Fatherhood of God and of His special gifts to men for the good of the family and of all society. Boys and young men are thereby helped to know their vocation in life, whether God calls them to the married life, to the consecrated life or to the Holy Priesthood, and to embrace and follow it with pure and selfless love.”

National Executive Director Dr. Jeremy Lustig said Cardinal Burke’s endorsement affirms the significant efforts of hundreds of parents and volunteers who have given thousands of hours in work and prayer to build the Troops of Saint George over the past five years.

“All glory to God for what we’ve been able to do for men, their sons, and their families,” he said. “Cardinal Burke is a champion of fidelity and orthodoxy, so his endorsement means more to us than words can express.”

Brian Squibbs, National Director of Communications and Recruitment, said the world is hungry for truth, and the Troops of Saint George provide an opportunity for boys and young Catholic men to go deeper in their faith while experiencing the outdoors.

“Our growth is certainly rooted in Catholic parents’ desire for programs that are rooted in truth and authentic masculinity,” he said. “We’re excited about what God’s doing and where He’s guiding this movement.”

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PATRICK NOVECOSKY is a seasoned Catholic speaker, journalist and thought leader who runs NovaMedia and blogs at The Praetorium and for TSG in collaboration with iAmplify.


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