Virtus. Honor. Fraternitas.

East Orlando and Oviedo, Florida

Ministry at Most Precious Blood Catholic Church

“How precious is your mercy, O God!”

                                   Psalm 36, 8


Mission Statement

“The Troops of Saint George (TSG) apostolate aims to use the outdoors as our canvas and the sacraments as our path to light the way for the formation of holy Catholic men and boys. Whether called to the vocation of the priesthood, the religious life, or that of holy fatherhood, our fathers and sons will take a prayerful pilgrimage together to fulfill Christ’s desire for them to grow in virtue and in their Holy Catholic faith as they journey toward heaven.”

Fathers and Sons

Boys need formation from their fathers, as well as an environment to cultivate and live out their God-given authentic masculinity. In His creative design, God desired for men to stand as the spiritual heads of their families. TSG has created a platform for men to both practice and teach the faith to their sons.

The Troops of Saint George is not a “drop off your kid” organization. Together, fathers* and sons work toward achievements and milestones of manhood while using the outdoors as their backdrop—and Christ’s Holy Catholic Church as their guide.

*Where fathers are not available to join TSG with their sons, we welcome male guardians, grandfathers, older brothers, uncles, or another male role model.


All TSG boys are Catholics in good standing with full fidelity to the Magisterium, the Holy Father, and the local bishop. Boys ages 6-18 can join a Troop. Boys ages 6-10 are in the junior section of the local Troop. Young men ages 11-18 are in the senior section of the local Troop.

Our Troop is in its initial formation stage. This page is under construction. Thank you for your interest in Troop of St. George 368. For more information please contact our Captain using the link below.


Troop 368

East Orlando FLORIDA 32765
Captain Name:
Pablo Hennings

TSG Needs Your Help!

TSG is growing and needs your help to advance our mission of raising strong, virtuous, Catholic men and boys. TSG cadets are the priests, deacons, husbands and fathers of tomorrow and we need your help to build the next generation of great Catholic men.

Will you go to battle with us to assist in the formation of holy Catholic men by making a tax-deductible contribution today?