“Boys and young men do well to join together for fellowship, to acquire a variety of skills useful in nature and urban life alike, as well as form an identity as they serve the Church, taking new roles of service appropriate to their age and abilities. The Troops of St. George are precisely the type of organization for Catholic youth that fits these needs. Though a new organization, it has both a terrific patron to intercede for them and some experienced men who can direct its successful accomplishment of its goals. I highly recommend the development of Troops of St. George in every parish.”

Father Mitch Pacwa, SJ


Photography by Captain Tim O’Flaherty 

Cadets: (Left to right)
Gabriel Medina, Nathan Schoessler, Anthony Robbins, Nathan Minor, Sean O’Flaherty
Fr. Mitch 
Matthew Robbins, Luke Robbins, Andrew Notley and Liam O’Flaherty


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