The state of Idaho is home to some of the most beautiful scenery with the finest outdoor activity in the world.

Our great state provides the outdoor enthusiast with millions of acres of public land and thousands of miles of rivers. The Coeur d’Alene Mountains are the northwestern-most portion of the Bitterroot Range and a part of the Rocky Mountains and the Selkirk Mountains are a mountain range spanning the northern portion of the Idaho Panhandle. With hundreds of miles of mountain trails spanning 10 counties, northern Idaho’s Panhandle offers an abundance of activities to suit any troop, scout, adventurist and outdoorsmen.

Retracing Fr. Desmet’s rout down the Priest River, traversing the high peaks above Sandpoint, navigating the thoroughfare to Upper Preist Lake,  glassing Rocky Mountain goats on Lake Pend Orielle …. this is where Troop 1962 thrives.

To say that we are excited to combine our love of the outdoors with our Catholic faith would be an understatement.  Who doesn’t want to experience reverent and beautiful Masses in the environments described above?  Can you imagine coaching your son while he fights a Kokanee to the riverbank, or standing waste deep in translucent waters battling the indomitable steelhead to your net, then hiking back to the nearby camp and having your priest bless your catch so your troop can feast on fresh fish on Friday?  Ponder the satisfaction you would experience upon helping a team of young men erect a make-shift confessional out of tree branches, fir boughs, and ferns.  Or what about the moment of gratification you would experience after you taught a class on navigation and witnessed your eager team of Cadets pull out their compasses, find which way is east, and construct an altar overlooking a magnificent valley of green grasslands, where a herd of elk graze, surrounded by steep mountainsides?  Who wouldn’t want to explore the lush forests of Idaho, where waterfalls roar and sky-scraping trees sway in the wind, while finding antlers and collecting firewood to bring back to camp where fathers and sons will pray the Rosary around a crackling fire and join in singing the Lourdes Hymn before retiring in their sleeping bags and listening to the wolves and coyotes howl?

Aiming to use Idaho’s outdoors as our canvas and the sacraments as our path to light the way for the formation of Holy Catholic men and boys is our goal.

Please pray for Troop 1962  as we grow in virtue and strive towards holiness.

Ad Jesum per Mariam !

Troop 1962

Post Falls IDAHO 83854
Captain Name:
Armando Alderete


  • Troop Potluck / Nerf Gun Battle / Bonfire

    Date : 2019-11-30
    Venue : Hitch Home

    TROOP 1962 will meet on Saturday Nov 30th at the Hitch home. ✠ There will be an all-out Nerf war and the Cadet’s are encouraged to bring their Nerf arsenals. ✠ Cadet’s should wear their uniforms and appropriate clothing for the days weather. ✠ Cadet’s will be separated into the their Patrols and instructed on how to locate, close with, and engage their enemy. ✠ Weapon systems will be inspected for proper functionality, cleanliness and precision. ✠ This will be a potluck and your entire family and anyone who is interested in the Troops of St George is cordially invited. ✠ Katie Ufford is the liaison for the potluck – please contact her for questions and needs. ✠ A bonfire with a s’mores feast will occur following the Nerf Battle with copious amounts being awarded to the victorious Patrols. ✠ This gathering will also be the last informational meeting of the year for interested dads. ✠ We will discuss, dues, classroom and field day dates / times, our goals and membership requirements, recap on current Troop projects and we will go over the Troops of Saint George Officer Manual and guidelines.

  • Troop Class

    Date : 2020-01-11
    Venue : St Joan of Arc Chapel

    Troop 1962 will begin work on achievements. We will assemble at the church at 10:45am for class time.

    What to expect for our first class:

    Cadets will split up into their Patrols: Saint Matthew, Saint Mark, Saint Luke, Saint John (Junior Cadets) and the Dragon Slayers (Senior Cadets).

    Establishing youth leadership amongst the Senior Cadets, as the onus of planning and facilitation should be placed on the Senior Cadet youth.

    Establishing Lieutenants (adults) for the Junior Cadets for leadership.

    Patrol and Advancement Criteria

    ***Please bring your copy of the TSG Officers Manual! ***

TSG Needs Your Help!

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